You heard right. Nasalcrom. I mean, Codupyga. The name is a mangling of Chaturanga, the ancient Indian game that is the ancestor of Chess and many other games across the world. Specifically, it comes from mangling "Chaturanga" with "code" and "Python," because Codupyga is a way to play Chaturanga style games by writing code in Python. Think of it as a computer Chess game, but you have to write the AI controlling the pieces. Then you take your AI, and have it play against other people's AI's, and see who is the best programmer.

The game is written in Python, so you need to have Python installed to play it. It also uses Pygame, so you might want to instal that too. You can play the game without Pygame, but please read the manual (in the zip file) before doing so.

If you want to contact me about Codupyga, I have set up a special email just for Codupyga related questions: pyga at xenomind dot com. If there is any interest in the game, I may set up a mailing list for it as well.

Current Beta

The current beta is version CD-06 (555K zip file). Most recent changes are the addition of a pyga information screen in the GUI, unique letters in the console, and a change in the way image colors are handled. There are also a couple small bug fixes, as always.

This version does not have all of the planned features, but it does have the essential planned features. So give it a try and let me know what you think. Especially let me know about any bugs. I have tested it on Windows XP and Linux Xandros, but that's all I have access to. There was a Linux specific bug having to do with line terminators, and I'm concerned about that being a problem on Macs.

Current Release Candidate

There is no release candidate version of Codupyga at this time.

Current Stable Release

There is no stable release version of Codupyga at this time.